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When it comes to making a good first impression, your eyes are your most important facial features; they are a crucial part of the way you communicate. Thinning eyebrows and eyelashes can make you feel like you’ve lost a part of what makes you young and attractive. An eyebrow restoration is the permanent, natural way to recapture your confidence.

Dr. Cockerham will work with you to create a custom brow that complements your facial type and features. This simple treatment involves taking hair follicles from your head and transplanting them to your eyebrows. In only 2-3 hours, your eyebrow restoration will replace completely missing eyebrows, add fullness to thinning brows, reshape or fill in bare spots. It can also be used over permanent make-up that looks unnatural.

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Dr. Kimberly Cockerham

Experience - Compassion - Integrity

Board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kimberly Cockerham has two decades of experience enhancing and restoring natural looking eyelids, lashes and brows. She has a passion for hair restoration and is the only eye specialist in California providing eyebrow surgical enhancement (and repair of facelift and other surgical scars) with your own hair. Improving the appearance of the eyelid skin and eyebrow height is important, but absent lashes and brow hairs really age the overall facial appearance.

Dr. Cockerham is a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army and received a National Service Ribbon, two Superior Unit Awards, the U.S. Army Commendation Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Meritorious Service Medal. In addition to her practice, Dr. Cockerham founded the non-profit organization "Let’s Face It Together" that provides medical care and surgical reconstruction for community members suffering from facial disfigurement and dysfunction.

“Natural-looking results require artistic design and meticulous attention to detail, but it all starts with establishing an excellent partnership with you. I am committed to exceeding your expectations.”

“I was raised in the Bay Area, earned my undergraduate degree at UC San Diego, Revelle College and then was awarded a US ARMY health professional scholarship to attend the George Washington Medical School in Washington DC. I had the honor of being the director of oculoplastics at both Walter Reed Army Medical Center and UC San Francisco. For the past decade, I have enjoyed providing care in a private practice setting for patients from throughout California. I look forward to meeting you.” Visit Dr. Cockerham's Full Website

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Hair Restoration & Microneedling

Hair Restoration "Vampire Facelift"

Hair Restoration SmartGraft/FUE

PRP, Hormones & Hair Transplant

Eyebrow and Eyelid Lifts

Eyelid and Eyebrow Balance

Eyelid and Eyebrow Balance is Crucial to Restore a Natural and Youthful Look

There are a number of changes that occur to the eyelid, eyelashes and eyebrows as a result of normal aging. There is loss of muscle and bone volume, the skin sags and wrinkles, fat bulges and eyebrows droop and thin. These changes can cause a tired, angry appearance. As the eyelashes and brows thin, the eyes lose their youthful appearance. There are a variety of options ranging from Botox® injections to surgery to restore and enhance the eyes – the focus of your face.

Botox can reverse drooping of the brows that causes the eyelids to look like there is too much skin. The Botox® weakens the muscle that naturally lowers the brow, thus creating a Botox brow-lift.

Dermal Fillers like Restylane® can restore volume and lift the brow. Fat grafting or transfer (stem cells) can also be helpful. In addition, you can use your own growth factors to stimulate brow growth and skin rejuvenation – the process is called platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Laser Lifts and firms skin by stimulating collagen formation. The thermal energy can smooth lines and tone the forehead and eyelid skin resulting in an improved eyelid and eyebrow appearance. Laser and PRP can also help restore lower face and neck tone and texture.

Loss of eyebrow hair or eyelashes in men or women of all ages can be caused by:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Age
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Skin disease or an infection that leave scars
  • Trauma (overbrushing, braiding, pony tails, coloring or straightening)
  • Scars from facelift or brow lift
  • Post-surgery scars
  • Trichotillomania (pulling out hair compulsively)
  • Burns
  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatments
  • Medications
  • Excessive plucking, waxing, threading or permanent make-up

Facial Surgery Eyebrow Eyelid Lift

Facial Surgery can be performed to elevate the brow, reduce excess upper eyelid skin, and decrease the appearance of forehead wrinkles. There are several techniques for surgical brow lifts. The traditional brow lift, the coronal brow lift, makes an incision in the scalp at or behind the hairline and removes the part of skin with hair to lift the entire forehead and eyebrows. The disadvantages include the creation of a higher forehead and a visible scar. The endoscopic brow lift, makes small incisions at the hairline, and inserting a camera (the endoscope) into the incisions allows elevation of the forehead and eyebrow in a minimally invasive way. Direct brow lifts involve the removal of skin right above the eyebrows, with the incision hidden in the eyebrows. This type of brow lift is particularly useful in men with thick eyebrows, but do not want the expense of the endoscopic brow lift. Eyelid lifts are called blepharoplasties. Depending on the cause of your droopy eyelids, surgery can be done to decrease the skin and fat around the upper or lower eyelids, or adjust the muscle that helps keep your eyelids open.

Case Study Eyelid Surgery

Energetic nurse presents with concerns about her lower eyelids: “ they make me look tired”. Lower eyelid eye bags and wrinkles are never covered by insurance. A combination approach was essential to optimize the outcome. First cosmetic botox was injected to relax the muscles, then a lower lid fat reduction and repositioning was performed in the operating room under IV sedation. Finally, the fractionated CO2 laser was utilized to minimize fine lines. “ Thank you – thank you – thank you!”

Eyelid Surgery Before and After Dr. Cockerham

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Eyebrow & Hair Transplants Stockton, CA

Eyebrow, Eyelashes and Hair Restoration

Hair Transplantation with SmartGraft

Hair loss can make you feel self-conscious about having patchy, nonexistent or badly tattooed eyebrows or lashes. If you have had a surgery or traumatic injury, the missing hair in the area of the scar can be filled in. Dr. Cockerham helps you regrow your hair with state-of-the-art technology: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). This technique does not create a permanent linear scar or punch hole scars that were created by older procedures.

You will consult with our team of experts to discuss your hair loss concerns. Dr. Kimberly Cockerham (our board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon) has a special interest in nonsurgical treatments and surgical hair restoration for the eyebrows and lashes. Hair restoration starts with an assessment as to which combination therapy is best for you including nutritional supplementation (Biotin), correction of hormonal imbalance, topical medications (Rogaine), light therapies (capillus), microneedling and a series of PRP injections. Learn More about Eyebrow and Hair Restoration

You are an excellent candidate if you have:

  • Patchy, thinned, or nonexistent brows, lashes, beard or hairline
  • Permanent make-up or microblading that is discolored or disfiguring
  • Facial surgery or traumatic injury that resulted in hair loss in the area of the scar
  • Scalp surgery or trauma that resulted in hair loss in the area of scarring including prior hair transplant patients who had one of the old techniques that created a linear or circular scar

You are NOT a candidate for topical medication, light therapy, microneedling, PRP or transplantation if you have:

  • Ongoing inflammation or infection
  • Severe scarring
  • A need for ongoing medications such as chemotherapy that inhibit hair grow

Case Study - Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant Dr. Cockerham

Eyebrow Transplant Video

Eyebrow Transplant Video - By Dr. Kimberly Cockerham.

I Had an Eyebrow Transplant Four Years Ago, and I'll Never Touch Them Again

Download Eyebrow Transplant Patient Story

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PRP for Hair & Eyebrows

PRP Growth Factors to Stimulate Eyebrows and Hair Growth

The best candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are in the early stages of their hair loss. You may not qualify for PRP if you have a blood clotting disorder, liver disease, low blood pressure, or low platelet counts. After collecting a sample of your blood, the platelets/plasma will be separated from the blood in a sterile centrifuge. The PRP is injected with a fine needle and/or applied to the scalp during a microneedling treatment. We recommend that you repeat the treatment three times over 3-4 months to boost the health of your hair follicles. PRP treatments are used in conjunction with oral Biotin supplementation, topical minoxidil and light treatments.

Dr. Kimberly Cockerham | Hair Restoration - Platelet Rich Plasma, Hormones & Hair Transplantation

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